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Introducing MCCIA’s “Handbook on MSME Schemes”




Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA) is a premier industry association which works for the promotion of industries in Pune.


This particular guidebook by MCCIA is a one-stop shop which details out the various Government schemes in India under one umbrella. This book is sectioned in the categories such as; i) General Schemes ii) Priority Sector Schemes iii) Finance schemes iv) Schemes of various Ministries and DIC schemes. The schemes lists out the objective, scope, features, eligibility and the performance, in terms of utilization till the available latest month.


This handbook is an exhaustive coverage of all the available, relevant schemes which will help expedite their implementation by MSMEs.


The Government of India is executing various schemes and policies to further employment opportunities through development of manufacturing oriented enterprises. Some specific schemes also aim towards Women Empowerment. These schemes are aimed at benefiting the industry, more importantly, the priority sector. But it has been observed that MSMEs are not quite aware of these schemes that the Government of India introduces from time to time. There is a very little alertness and a resultant utilization of such schemes. Therefore it is essential to create such awareness for the timely utilization of the same.


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