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We are glad to present before you our report on ‘Facets of Food Processing Industry-An Empirical Study of Pune’.  


Food processing is a flourishing industry in Pune. This sector is vital for the development of the Pune region as it benefits the economy by raising agricultural yields, creates employment, and raises the standard of living. Food processing add’s value to the agriculture produce, enhances its shelf life and encourages crop diversification. This   sector also addresses issues of agriculture surpluses and wastages and assures fair prices to the farmer.


The survey has covered 12 segments of the Food Processing Industry, namely Sweet Products, Milk , Milk Products, Ice cream, Farsan andnNamkeen, Bakery Products, Dry Fruits, Fruits and Vegetables, Pulses, flour, dal, Cereals, Spices, Papad, Chutney, Pickles, RTE, RTC, mineral Water and Beverages, Edible Oil and others. We surveyed a sample size of 264. 


The Food Processing Industry plays an important role in establishing the farm sector’s formal linkages that result in high income and employment generation while minimizing the wastages. According the Economic Survey of Maharashtra 2011-12, out of the  total 4221 FDI proposals (from August 1991 to September 2010)  approved by the Government of Maharashtra, 173 proposals are from the Food Processing sector, that is 4.1% of the total proposals. An investment amount of Rs. 1039 crores is expected which is 1.2% of the total investment in the current year. 


The empirical study has analyzed the current scenario of this industry and its various aspects namely Sources of Finance, Procurement of Raw Materials, Technology, Man Power and Labour Related problems and   Marketing and Government Policy implications.


This report will come in handy for all new entrants who want to understand the market scenario of this sector and even those who are already into the business. This book is a practical tool, to understand Government Policies and the schemes launched by Agriculture and Process Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) to encourage exports from this sector.


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