• Mr. Ajay Mehta Managing Director Deepak Nitrite Ltd.
  • Co-Chair

    Mr. M A Tejani Managing Director Gits Food Products Pvt. Ltd.


    Dhanyakumar Chordia Founder World Foods Pvt. Ltd.

    Officer Incharge

    Mr. Prasad Shukla - Designation: Director

    Contact: 91-20-24440371
    Email :



    The Food Processing Committee has been newly formed to serve as contact point for enhancing business links between farmers, growers and food processing units and to work for dissemination of important business information to food processing units.



    Represent MCCIA Food Processing Members in policy formation and Government meetings on policy matters.


    To organize knowledge sharing events for Food Processing members. To disseminate important commercial information and government notifications, to develop backward forward integration model for food processing units.



    Prepare an exhaustive memorandum from MCCIA to the new government for the development of Food Processing sector with identification of gaps, problem areas with possible solutions.



    Major Recent initiatives

    Compilation of various Government Notifications and Important Circulars for the food processing sector. Compilation of various problems, issues and points from the MCCIA Members for the representation to the FDA – FSSA Minister, GoM.