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MCCIA library is a Commercial Reference library which has been set up to cater to the information needs of the business community in and around Pune.

The emphasis in the library is on dissemination as well as development of collection mainly in directories, yearbooks, statistical data, project profiles of small scale industries, Information Technology, TQM, Management. Thus the library has gradually developed into one of the major reference libraries of Pune, which is being increasingly used not only by the members of MCCIA, but also by the students and the public alike.


The library at present has 5,500 books, 380 CDs, around 500 digital documents, around 500 reports, District, state and central government gazettes, Indian Standards etc. The library also has material on subjects like, International Trade, Finance & Banking, Five Year Plans, Budget, Agriculture, Taxation, Management etc. Nearly 270 periodicals are received either on complimentary or subscription basis. The library also receives major newspapers of India. To keep track of the developments in the economic sphere, daily newspaper clippings are maintained in subject wise files.







Library Offers:


1. Directory Section: 


This section consists of Commercial and trade directories from different countries and from India . There are more than 200 such directories published by different associations, Govt. agencies, institutions and private publishers. Continuous efforts are being made to keep these directories up-to-date and new editions are obtained as and when they are published.



2. Project profiles:


To help the entrepreneurs in setting up of a SSI, the project profiles prepared by various agencies are kept in the library. This section consists of fairly large collection of project profiles published by Development Commissioner - Small Scale Industries, Small Industries Development Bank of India, Japan Consulting Institute, UNIDO, Consultants and so on. Some latest project profiles around 500 are available in digital form.



3. Foreign Trade section:


Export section contains books on export policy, procedure, documentation, HS code and foreign exchange etc. Material published by different collaborations of chamber of commerce for facilitating export is available with us. Material is segregated country wise.



4. Legal Section:


The Central and State Govt. legislation such as Acts, Rules, and Notifications are also available in the library.  



5. Gazettes and Indian Standards:


The Chamber subscribes to most of the parts of Central and State Government Gazettes and the latest available books on various laws are kept in the library.



6. Periodical section:

Library receives around 100 magazines and journals regularly pertaining to different subjects related to Business, Management, Economics and Agriculture.



Library Catalogue: