Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin (Non Preferential) Service for Exporters - offered by MCCIA

Certificate of Origin is one of the important documents in international trade. The CoO is of two types : Preferential and Non Preferential.

The Preferential Certificate of Origin entitles importers of Indian products to get a concession in customs tariff of other countries. The Non Preferential Certificate of Origin assures the importers and customs and other authorities in other countries that the products have been manufactured in India.

Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries And Agriculture is one of the organisations authorised for Issue of Non Preferential Certificate of Origin for the benefit of Exporters by the Government of India since 1958.

Exporters who would like to obtain the Certificate of Origin for the first from our Chamber time will have to execute an indemnity bond in our favour. This bond will be valid till the time it is rescinded by any law or change in the procedure adopted by the Chamber.

We are offering this facility at three of our offices on all the working days of the Chamber during 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Revision of charges relating to Certificate of Origin and allied Services

In view of the of application of GST, we have revised the rates for Services relating to Certificate of Origin and allied Services with effect from 1st July 2017.

1. For One Set of Certificate of Origin to be charged at Rs 110 (Gross Amount) for MCCIA members
2. For One Set of Certificate of Origin to be charged at Rs 120 (Gross Amount) for non members
(upto 5 pages of the one document or 5 copies of one single page of same document is considered as one Set as at present)
3. For Extra Copy of any document to members and non members Rs. 40 (Gross Amount
4. For Visa Recommendation letters Rs. 150 (Gross amount) as at present. This service is available only to MCCIA members.
5. Sale of Forms - Rs. 3 per form (instead of Rs. 2.5 per form).

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